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Education is the best prevention.
A firefighter trains a child how to use a fire extinguisher.

Education is the keystone of fire prevention, and one of the important cornerstones of our department's mandate.  


Throughout the year, our members volunteer to provide fire station tours to children in the community, and deliver fire prevention seminars to schools throughout the District of Port Hardy.  We believe that fire prevention should start at a young age, and grow through a child's development.


That's why we continue to deliver fire prevention services to adults throughout the community as well.  We regularly accept applications from people throughout the community to assess, deliver, and install free smoke alarms in homes based on need.  


Throughout the year, we also host a variety of events including an open house with live fire demonstrations.  These events not only provide a realistic perspective on the consequences of fire in the home, but provide us with an opportunity to engage both children and adults and discuss how they can increase their fire prevention practices in the home.


Please CONTACT US for more information about booking a school tour.

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